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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Junkin' in June

Last June, while we were supposed to be at Aunt Shirley's for our annual Fergafun Family Reunion, Cousin Jan, my sister, Shelli, and I snuck off to Boone, IA to check out an occassional sale called The Junk Refunkery!!!

This is who we met...Dori Austin! That's her on the right. Maybe someday she'll tell me who is standing beside her. Do I see a bit of family resemblance??? She has her very own barn and has monthly sales during the summertime.

Here's her barn. It's red, like a barn is supposed to be. A few weeks ago the barn got a new roof! And, get this,....skylights!

Dori had a lot of really cool stuff! But my camera decided to start acting up so my pictures didn't turn out so good. Darn! But here are a few of the pictures that did turn out!

I just love the color of this chair!

Yep, this is where the camera started doin' weird things....

Here I am...grey, galvanized, and grande!!!

Just by accident we stumbled onto this sale driving through Boone. Once Was is an occasional sale held by Traci Waltz. I didn't get any other photos though. Stupid camera!!!
Then we rushed back to Aunt Shirley's, put on our aprons, and had a family feast!!!

Then, in September, at Junk Bonanza in Minneapolis look who we found!!! Let me tell ya, junkin' at Junk Bonanza is well worth the trip!!!

The Junk Refunkery and Once Was will both be at Junk Jubilee, so be sure and tell them "Hi"!!!

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  1. Hello Miccia! I googled Junk Jubilee (you sent us a vendor app) and was thrilled to see that you have a website & blog! Glad to see that your first sale was a huge success! I enjoyed your first post & learning how you got started....and from this post I see there's some good junk to be had in Iowa!
    Stop by JunkFest's blog sometime & browse around....who knows....you may want to make the trip to ND in September?! We've got some good junk here too!